EU BEST Rust Servers

Rust Servers that are so good. You'll feel the quality.

We work really hard to offer the best modded servers. Fast admin support, premium dedicated server hardware, and a bunch of server flavours. We are sure one will be perfect for you.

EU BEST Store and VIP

VIP store is instant and secure. The best way to support us.

Purchasing from our store is the best way to support the servers. If you purchase VIP it will work across all of our servers. Please read the terms before you buy!


EU BEST Rewards

Join us on Discord and Steam. And be rewarded in game.

We reward players that join our Discord and Steam Group. It's simple and fast just press the button below - and you will get extra stuff in game!


EU BEST Contact Information

Do you need to contact us? We are easy to find.

We are active on Discord and Steam - so that's usually a good way to find us. In game - please use /ticket - this is the best way to report in game issues or suspected hackers.